Functionality that enables recording the nominated energy for each customer’s load center on-screen or from an Excel file, in order to generate the Offer and upload it to CENACE. It also allows notifying the responsible party to approve the nominated energy recorded by the customer. 

Visualize the behavior of remote measurement, supply, and energy in MTR ‘consumptionfor each configured customer. It allows you to see the daily, hourly, detailed hourly accumulation, and an hourly average per type of day. It also allows you to view it in tabular format and download the information in an Excel file. 

Status of documents issued for each of the clients configured with detailed information, also allowing the download of invoices in PDF and XML formats. If the invoice has already been paid, it enables the download of the payment complement. 

Additional benefits of MVM Client

Transparency in the information used for the calculation of your consumption.

Enhancement of customer experience and relationship.

Information in one place with diverse analytical perspectives.

Reliability and timeliness.

Information Traceability.

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