Data and analytics

Integrate data and information so that the data gives more of itself.

Manage uncertainty through advanced and intelligent solutions

The energy transition based on the use of renewable sources represents great challenges for all companies in the sector. One of them is the management of uncertainty.

Our experience of more than 27 years in the electrical sector provides us with extensive knowledge of the main business processes in each of the links in the sector chain, added to our capabilities for the design of advanced and intelligent solutions for integration, organization, processing and management of data from various sources, allows us to develop solutions for effective management of decisions, thus providing resilience and continuity capabilities in our clients’ businesses.

Our aproach

Evaluate the state of the companies’ processes, to identify gaps derived from the lack of organization in the management of data and information, and that limits the timely management of decisions.

Methods, practices and techniques that allow companies in the sector to identify scenarios and conditions for the execution of business processes, given the historical behavior of the data, availability and quality of the data.

Framework that allows you to Storytell data, discover and understand business processes, perform exploratory data analysis, prepare and validate data, design and implement various types of analytical and artificial intelligence solutions, design dashboards for data visualization.

Benefits of data analytics

Provide capabilities that allow clients to meet the different challenges they have in their different lines of business. Through the combination of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as predictive modeling, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, among others.

Availability of experts to resolve alternative or complex scenarios in a timely manner.

Visibility of business scenarios hidden in the data that could enable operational efficiency or the identification of new improvement opportunities.

Complete view of the status of the organization's processes and their details.

Information organized, centralized and prepared to make timely business decisions.

Analysis of information in a descriptive manner that enhances processes through the analysis of historical data.

Our solutions for data and analytics

We are experts in in-depth identification of data and its signals, classification and profiling.

Artificial intelligence

Data analytics

Application of advanced data science, prediction and prescription techniques, using Artificial Intelligence in high volumes of business information.

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